Welcome to current and all future ebike Parknplug locations across the UK’s major cities. The aim is to make sure electric bicycle users are encouraged and supported in taking their ebikes out and going further than just 1 full battery charge cycle.


On the map the blue badge is best for parking and charging your eBike. The green badge is parking only and Amber badge is improving.


The aim of eBike Parknplug is to support all locations wishing to promote their cycle to work credentials, inform users on both sides and make eBike cycling an inclusive activity.


The website facility is accessible to all highlighting the greenest boroughs, hospitals and businesses in the country. Riders with eBikes have always worried about the distance their eBike can travel. With eBike ParknPlug this concern will become a thing of the past. Riders are able to park their eBikes safely using their smart phone and charge them while at work, a café or ½ way across the country on a cycling adventure.


We are launching events across the country and therefore happy to support free of charge councils, businesses and hospital trusts to be at locations of their choice and hopefully assist in promoting cycling and healthy living across Great Britain on a first come first serve basis.


Please see our events calendar at the bottom of the page for one near you. Otherwise please feel free to get in touch should you wish to organise a free eBike demo day.


For the supply and maintenance of ebikeparknplug module, please contact CYCLEDELIK on 03331230500 or visit: www.cycledelik.com.