Locations are rated on their electric bicycle parking friendliness and facilities as well as general safety and accessibility. Planners, architects and local councils are using this service not only to promote their green credentials in support of cycling using electric cycles but also improve on their planning for a better and greener future.


Cycling is a wonderful way to travel however it is still restricted to a small number of the population which is fit enough to cycle. Parnplug for eBikes will allow the rest of the population to join in and make cycling an inclusive activity. By using electric bicycles, cyclists may go as far as they wish, find a location to park and charge their eBikes and most importantly not worry about draining the battery.


Now local councils, businesses, hospitals, health and wellbeing professionals and the general public can use the Ebike Parknplug website to encourage and promote health and wellbeing by locating places with electric bicycles parking and charging facilities.


We are launching events across the country and therefore happy to deal with councils, businesses and hospital trusts to be at locations of their choice and hopefully assist in promoting cycling and healthy living across Great Britain on a first come first serve basis. Please see our events calendar at the bottom of the page for one near you. Otherwise please feel free to get in touch should you wish to organise one